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Dear Elowel,

I'm leaving.


If any of you want to read me when or if I get a new journal, the email is:


Suffice it to say that my patience has run out and I have better things to do with my time.

Avatar chucho *
04-29-07 23:06
Breathe deep
no, that does not suffice.
Avatar misseyre
04-29-07 23:21
elowel user
What has made your patience run out?
Avatar almitycowgoddess
04-30-07 13:20
I'm worried about you

Avatar bridget
04-30-07 15:40
Just... Live
This is extremely sad. You're one of the best authors on here! YOU CAN ACTUALLY WRITE! And you're leaving us... sad days. Hope you find what you're looking for.
Avatar roquelaure
05-01-07 19:16
A bird in the hand
I'll still be available for replies, like now, but I'm frustrated with the way some things have been handled.

Thank you, Bridget. I'll still be writing, though...
Avatar chucho *
11-13-07 21:43
Breathe deep
Hey, I tried to call you this weekend, but I didnt get through. Do I have the right number? 360-820-3272.
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