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Well, I was going to write about how my monologue went, but...

I erased it! Accidentally, of course.

Oh well.

It went alright. Glynis liked it, Tom (the acting god) said I did well (which was flattering, as he refrains from giving any indication either way with anybody), Tony thought it was beautiful, and it was my first public gig.

Next, very soon, will be my debut acting on the stage.

I've lit it since it was built, but I have yet to be anyone but myself on it.


I learned a lot about Tom yesterday.

He should burn me his entire iPod. There's a whole ream of music that I love that I haven't even heard before.

And Tony is someone I'd love to sit down and share writings with. What a poet! He's real, not some "slit my wrists, I write bad poetry about bad poetry" kid. He goes to shows and performs his stuff, he organizes slams, he's an amazing writer.

I don't hang well with the girls in theater, but the guys are really awesome to talk with.


In other news, I'm wearing the prom dress that I will be wearing on Saturday. It's HOTT.


Dear Self,

Do what you need to do before it needs to be done. As in now, not tomorrow, not next year.

You need it, and you're going to ruin something beautiful again if you don't get off your ass.



Avatar almitycowgoddess
04-27-07 06:16
you're a thesbian =P

and prom shall be fun. i promise
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