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First at school for a demonstration that was all too real.

Second, I found out that a few people in my theater group could have a run in with the police. Don't do stupid things, kids. (Today was a good day in theater, too. Tom is a god!)

And now, here they are, in my house, to break up my demented grandmother and my paranoid hyper-reactive mother.

They serve a good purpose, I'm sure. But I don't like them and they need to GET OUT OF MY HOUSE.

Take your patronizing voice away from my ears and let me get some sleep!


Ah, my life. Someday I will be far from the reaches of mentally disturbed people and won't have to try so hard to keep them as an example of what not to be like and what not to do in life. It's difficult to truly keep them in that position and not let my instinct to look to my family for guidance take over. I want nothing more than to have what so many of my friends have and take for granted: a functional family that they can learn from. Because I'm tired of reverse learning from mine. It takes so very much energy.

I think Mr. Authority is gone. I heard a lot of things about counseling.

Sorry, man. That advice came a few generations too late.

Time to sleep and go to my fucking Photo class I hate so very much in the morning.

Digital point-and-shoot has it's uses, I'm sure. But when teaching photography as an art form and a commercial tool, and building an entire program focused about how not to take snap shots with a camera made for that very purpose?!

It's ridiculous.

That's like learning chemistry by watching a series about it on PBS. You think you know chem b/c you can spell hydrochloric acid and know that it resides in your stomach? No!

Then why is photography being taught without the slightest hint as to why light behaves as it does, the effect on dimension that a single lens has, and the students have no idea what an F-stop is or why things are under- or over-exposed when they are. All we're being taught to do is this stupid class is how to take a bajillion pictures and take the ones that are good by chance and photoshop them.

This is not what I signed up for, and I'll fight for a good grade, but if I end up with a bad one because I turned it in too late for his point and shoot digital due dates, then so be it. I'm using my manual Nikon and teaching myself the secrets of lighting and the darkroom. I'm making art and learning to refine it while the rest of them wonder why flash makes everything look flat. It's dead-on light! What else is it supposed to do?!

I'm sure I have a C b/c of my tardies on assignments and his annoying habit of taking points off for the littlest things, even though I know for a fact that my work is superior to the over-flashed snapshots that he considers "A" work. He just doesn't like defiance. I'm not normally defiant, but I signed up for a photography class, not a Lame Contemporary Technology class.

Night, Elowel.

Avatar chucho *
04-04-07 00:09
Breathe deep
i remember when i had an F in my class photo. in between third quarter and mid terms i turned in nothing.


i just got lazy because i was independant study, in a class by myself. but i got it up to an A by turning in a bunch of stuff. good times, good times.
Avatar almitycowgoddess
04-04-07 05:43
what is this world coming to. when i took photo we failed if we used any sort of point and shoot, digital or not.
the only digital she allowed was a digital SLR, which i drooled over...

I miss photo. =[
Avatar roquelaure
04-04-07 21:05
A bird in the hand
Chucho: I remember your mother telling me about that. Did you do film when you did photo? Do you still do either?

Caity: I wish I had your photo teacher. Sometimes I wonder if I just don't give mine enough credit, but I lose that brief benefit of the doubt when I look through the outbox and see A's all over photoshopped snaps. There are some really great student photographers in the class, but the lack of teaching on his part angers me.
Avatar chucho *
04-04-07 21:17
Breathe deep
film for the win.
Avatar roquelaure
04-04-07 21:23
A bird in the hand
Avatar almitycowgoddess
04-04-07 21:39
keep in mind that this is the same teacher that told me that if her stuffed bear kissed my forehead all of my problems would go away. =P
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