I'm Nobody, who are you? Are you - Nobody - too? Then there's a pair of us...
*sigh* Monologue, again. 04-08-07 21:46
I was just looking back through my old Elowel posts for some of the more interesting bits to use in part of a monologue that Glynis assigned.

"Write a monologue about yourself."

Easy, eh? A person can talk about themself for hours, and can no doubt write about themselves. That's what this whole generation I supposedly belong to is supposed to be about now, according to the news.

No. This is so difficult.

I want this monologue to be phenomenal.

But... its just me.

Nothing exciting or interesting. Believe me, I wish it was too, but it isn't.

This might be a tad easier, the monologue simpler on the poor brain if I could possibly organize my comments about myself into a pattern, or at least a followable stream, that fits with a monologue.


Happy Easter.

(I'm going to hell.)