I'm Nobody, who are you? Are you - Nobody - too? Then there's a pair of us...
Does this mean ANYTHING? 04-02-07 00:58
So, I had this dream where I was doing the lights for a play. Mark Twain, who was a young 20something was directing. The whole night I was doing the lighting I was all kinds of freaked out b/c MT himself was just meters away.

So at the end of the show I find him outside the sound booth and struggle to tell him that I loved Tom Sawyer. I lose my words and embrace him, despite him not wearing pants. He then gets a call on his cell phone from his son, Michael Twain.

I go into the theater to strike the set, and find it empty and immaculate. I turn to the house and see that it is very small, and the seats are littered with moldy LPs and cobwebs. Mark Twain speaks to me via an old phonograph and tells me to turn on a television set in the back of the house. I feel slightly panicky but have a need to do what he tells me (hey, if one of the greatest writers told you to switch on the tube, would you?). I climb up the rows of crumbling seats (everything seems old and crumbly) and select a record to put on the record player that is hooked up to the tv screen, then turn it on.

It's Albert Einstein delivering a lecture on relativity, in the nude. I watch, rapt, and towards the end the camera zooms in on Al's genitals, which were androgynous, before zooming up to his face and refocusing on the lecture.


At least it's better than my evolution dreams. Dreaming in chemistry I can understand. In French, alright. But in evolutionary biology?


In other news, as Monday, it is the last day of spring break. I can't decide if I'm relieved b/c it was such crap, or if I'm going to lobby for a retake or at least a refund.


In further, more irrelevant news that panders to my apparent need to procrastinate and disappoint the ones I love, I just got done watching some foreign films I rented from The Flicks, which is perhaps the greatest establishment to have graced the face of ID since the Egyptian. Screening all the left of center films you could want in any language, serving alcohol and real food that doesn't cost a fortune, and featuring a rental room in the back with all the campy, cult, old, foreign, or just plain random films you could want, it is my slice of heaven. And I rented The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari and Farinelli. Both were amazing in their own way. It is hard to believe that The Cabinet is nearly a century old.


In still further removed news, WTF?

I call my best friend and tell him that I'm depressed and in need of distraction. He gives me five amines of find structure drawings of, solubility research, and a load of questions about the chemistry of lidocaine. All this he needs for his OrgChem test by the end of break, which is Tuesday.



It's raining.

What an ironic sound.