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Cell Phone-ness! 12-30-06 19:57
I have... my first cell phone!

It's so small and handy and awesome.

Email me if you want the number:

Creepee 12-29-06 00:41
My sister is lying down to sleep in the room we share at my father's, and is intending to sleep in massive amounts of eye makeup. I asked her about the cat, and when she looked up at me I almost died of shock.

It was like having a strangely attractive manga-esque raccoon peer up at me.

Actually, I knew.

I hitch two great friends up and all I got was this lousy tshirt.



I just got done watching Little Miss Sunshine.

Great movie. Reminds me a lot of 6 Feet Under and American Beauty, Alan Ball's writing.

I'm resorting to watching movies so that I don't remember how phenomenally bored I am.

Why did I even come? I would have been much happier sitting at home counseling my mother through being in love with Jim and listening to her blast Tina Turner through the house with lovesick desperation.

Actually... not really.

But I would enjoy enjoying having nothing to do rather than be really bored by it and seduced into guiltiness for not reading or writing when I should.

If it wouldn't kill me I take meth so I could have the energy and time to get everything done.

I need to go rent more movies.
What a great movie 12-28-06 14:29
I watched "Milagro Beanfield War" last night.

What a great old movie.

And the whole time, I was going, "who is that--they're in something else, I know it, only they're much younger!"

Old movies are the best.

In other news, I am terminally bored.

Time to do school work.

Now in WA 12-27-06 12:38
Someone get me out of here!
Merry Xmas... I think. 12-25-06 19:28
Oh dear.

I don't care anymore.

Not really.


I miss Jim. *not a lie*


My baby niece and nephews are so cute!

But annoying. I never want to have kids.

I don't think.



WA tomarrow. How I dread it.

G'night, all.
The Strangest Desire 12-24-06 21:24
I suddenly had the strangest image of me somehow stretching my neck out and around and taking a bite out of my own head. And it seems like a good idea, really.


Mmm. *munch munch munch*

That was really bizarre.


Tomarrow's Xmas. I want to open presents. And the next day I leave for WA. Uber NOT fun. Oh well. What're you going to do? I think I'll be doing homework and being glad that I'm not Johnson and don't call my colleagues to ask how to get stains that naturally disappear out of the floor simply because it's holiday break and I have nothing else to do but clean my classroom.

Not going to be me.

I may end up as a cat lady, though.


I want to blog about the party last night. It was INSANE. It went better than I thought it would and there was still a mass near death experience.

Seriously. Explosives and late night parties do not mix.

But another time.

I is tired. Very very tired.

And I want to take a bite out of my own head.

*chomp chomp*
Throwing my first party 12-23-06 13:23
Happy 63rd Birthday Jim!

He'd better like it.

Starts at 8...

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